Pray is a spiritual appeal to get heavenly blessings by God. It can be expressed by heavenly words or silent message. Pray starts from our soul through mind being as a meaningful sounds or vibrations which ends with God. We offer pray to God anytime we need. Whether we are in suffer or in pleasure. But mostly, most of the people offer a pray to god when they are in trouble or when they suffer. And forget to pray when they are in their peaceful moment. It's not fair to God as well as for us. God should offer a prayer forever equally whether there is problem or harmony.

Pray is a kind of Spiritual meditation to release our sorrows, pain, anxiety, hatred, attraction, sins etc. Pray is only one most of the important medium to feel to visit god and existence of divine spiritual life. Our prayer should be guided only positive desires and feelings but shouldn't use negative world claim property power and state.

Several critics, historians and modernists have declared it "the most beautiful building of the century"


Bhajan is a spiritual song that purifies our mind and soul. Bhajan is totally different from the other song. While in normal song we almost find about attraction execration. For the time being make people excited but in Bhajan deep thought and divine messages imparting love, harmony peace and messages of God.

Several critics, historians and modernists have declared it "the most beautiful building of the century"


Abishek is a purification of our soul as if water cleans our dirty cloths and body. We know that in every religion as well as in the Vip seats is whole after being purified by respected/honorable Guru teachers that is called Abishek.

Now a question rises why person has compulsorily needed to take Abishek before having entrance in the new religion position. Since, every religion or every organization have own important ethics for promoting purification. Similarly in Heavenly/Nirvana Path same process is parallel applied for the life purification from many kinds of sins, burdensome etc.

If a person wants to have the philosophy of Heavenly path than he/she needs to have Abishek for purification of soul, mind and body. Before taking Abishek if he/she has not got any spiritual guidance then he/she might have commit sin unknowingly were innocent for them. But after providing or giving Abishek to her/him must not commit any mistakes like killing birds and animals in the name of God.

It is also need to clarify the people that Heavenly/Nirvana Path respects all religion, humankind, animals, and birds equally as own self. And finally Abishek is such a guidance through which we do clearly practice of purification and destiny towards the divine spiritual fairness. By such pure and selfishless desire activities lead us towards the Salvation. So, Abishek is really a medium to entry in the kingdom of God.

Several critics, historians and modernists have declared it "the most beautiful building of the century"


For the human being the subject about Hell, Heaven and God are just old stories. Since, we can't see all those with our naked eyes. Neither we are able to reach there in live. According to Science, talking about this topic is just an illusion which doesn't have any base. That's why athentic people think that it's just a superstitious and Science is superior. This era is known as scientific era. Due to this reason, esthetic people are also in confusion about Hell, Heaven and God. Before 21st century people had belief that after people departed from the earth they directly go to Chandralok but today Science has proved it as tourism place. The Solar system number is also able to be increase. Exact scientific proof is not available due to which Heaven is just limited in stories. Every people are guided by their own mind. This faith is famous in society. But, no one has seen the existence of mind as if an object. No one has seen idea as matter. Feeling, Soul, air etc are shapeless. Such words have no proof even though they are essential parts of life. Further they don't accept the existence of heaven, hell and god exists. That's why lack of the true spiritual knowledge they destroying their life and don't care the existence of indestructible soul.

In the unconditional society Supreme Master Godangel has introduced the Sayagmee meditation. Through the meditation who can visualize the existence of heaven by third eyes is called Sayangmee in Heavenly /Nirvana Path. It is really a kind of mystery for human beings because normally by naked eyes can't have visualization of neither the heaven nor divinity. According to Master, who has a true and pure soul as flower, water of innocentness and who can do good concentrate in meditation will be able to be a Sayangmee. Through the medium of meditation a perfect Sayangmee can have spiritual journey in many different planets. When a sayangmee can be able to visit the heaven and hell then they can explain about the divine scenario of existed spiritual matters of things. They can visit our ancestor's soul in Heaven. True and perfect Sayangmees can explain about heaven, hell and activities happening mysteriously by the blessing guideline of God from the Heaven. Someone can be able to visit the heaven at one time directly but someone can be able only after a long practice of many attempts. Master says Sayangmee is spiritual scientist to discover the divine spiritual mysterious like, soul, mind, heaven, hell etc. all religious people want to go to heaven rather than hell after death. The final spiritual destination of soul is heaven necessarily it's religious faith. According to the expectation of the people a sayangmee Meditation program can organize by a Guru or a teacher.
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Several critics, historians and modernists have declared it "the most beautiful building of the century"


Meditation is also one of the most important parts of Heavenly/Nirvana Path. Meditation has done to control mind, also to keep mind and body healthy. It takes us near to god. Whether people believe or not but truly we are near to god through Meditation. As it is my own experience.

There are different types of Meditation. Vipasna meditation, conscious meditation etc. There are two types of age Chronological age(the time period from the birth to death) and biological age(the age with respect to the physical fitness).So to improve both ages we should be physically, mentally and socially healthy. Meditation is very essential for health. For good health we should we should think positive, proper rest and exercise needed as well as take healthy food.Eg- A well known person Bruce lee who was the legend of Martial arts. After his death, his body was examined and found his chronological age thirty and biological age sixteen.

Several critics, historians and modernists have declared it "the most beautiful building of the century"


Love is everything. Love itself is a light in darkness. It has a great power that can even make a dying man smile with no regrets. It makes us capable to feel/understand others sorrow and help them though we have sorrow and grief as it brings peace and satisfaction. "If peace were a tree, love is its root."

Sometimes we treat well with good person and start hating bad person. Respect good ones do not hate bad ones but rather try to change their bad habits.Human themselves were not bad. The environment makes them bad. For that reason we have to create good environment. Becoming a good person or bad person depends upon ones thought, deeds and speech. A good person always remember his/her duty and responsibility, thinks good for others, care and love others and talk with humbleness but a bad person always try to satisfy his/her deeds, never care for others. This world used to belong to our ancestors now belongs to us and tomorrow it belongs to other. This is the law of nature we have to accept it. So, we should do our best to make it better for our future generation.

Since, we should ask each and every person to love others and respect others whether they are good or bad. Go with love, love is God. We can take an example of the well known person Mother Teresa who has love and caring nature, that made many children live their life. We must do what we do, rather than what we can do.

Several critics, historians and modernists have declared it "the most beautiful building of the century"

AaMaSha Healing

AaMaSha is one of the most powerful natural healing methods introduced by Supreme Master Godangel through Heavenly/Nirvana Path that brings you in the natural state both physically and spiritually. It is the brief description of Soul (Aatma), Mind (Mann) and Body (Sharir). Natural state means:"Pure relaxation" free from physical illness like exertion, tiresome, headache as well as inner organs such as heart, lungs, etc; mental illness such as worries, confusion, tension, boredom, depression, anxiety, nervousness etc.

When a mind becomes sick, his/her soul become suffers along with the body. This is the belief of AaMaSha healing method. In the field of healing AaMaSha has been proved to be superior and united way of healing among all. This type of treatment called healing and all those on the same basis heal the patient is called AaMaSha healer. According to Master, AaMaSha consist of seven steps. Till now only up to the second step has been practiced. It has even cured those diseases which we declared as impossible to cure by the doctor. For healing there is no need of medicine. Though healing looks like Imaginative. It increases the energy in the body and cures mental problems/diseases.The benefit of AaMaSha healing extends not only to human kind but also for animals and birds. In order AaMaSha healing to be much effective it has to extend for weeks possibly months.

In AaMaSha healing method one can heal oneself (self healing). Even animals don't go to Veterinary hospital while they are sick. But why the supreme beings (human beings) go to others for this question. For self healing a person should train for seven days from a trainer and continue for 20 days more at home. The person who does self-healing is known as self-healer. Self-healer is not allowed to give healing to others. After 3 months self-healer has to take training for 14 days at Semichong hall (AaMaSha Healing Centre) and give healing to others for 90 days then only they are announced as Healer-1. Now, they can give healing to anyone at any place. These healers are provided with certificate and identity card. Today, the effect of hospital and medicine are going down. In this situation AaMaSha healing is cheap and no any negative effects have been seen. The mingle of spiritual and scientific method of curing- AaMaSha healing is being alternative believe way of curing in the field of health and science. Come let's try and be healthy. AaMaSha healing is going on with the inspiration from the saying "Health should concern with help but not with business".

Several critics, historians and modernists have declared it "the most beautiful building of the century"


Lovism is the significant part of Heavenly/ Nirvana Path as an unusual philosophy. The main principles of Lovism are to guide the Love as the existing powerful feeling into human being towards the eternal truth, brotherhood, honesty and co-existence. For that, Lovism interpreted the Love that is superior to the sexual attraction of love. Lovism not only brings the love between human beings but also brings the love between human and other flora-fauna as well as between God and human being into the life cycle. From this, the love that is trying to discover into Lovism is widespread in natural way and eternal truth. Other philosophy has also given an importance to Love but that policy can't move further than morality. According to this fact, Lovism has taken the love as exit point for the solution to all negative things, anxiety and war.

No one can trust one another, are the badly war- quarrel affected condition of the World. According to Lovism explanation: - Due to frozen of love in Human, there is violence in Family. Due to frozen of love in Family, there is violence in Society. Due to frozen of love in Society, there is violence in Nation and due to frozen of love in Nation, there is violence in World. The solution is also begin from that way only, means raise of love into Human, Family, Society, Nation and World.

According to Master, there are three types of love: - 1) Love between Human being and God 2) Love between human being 3) Love between Human being and flora-fauna.The Logo of Lovism surrounded by three edges has also represented the three types of love. The shape of the Logo of Lovism is like question mark symbol that asked the reason behind the movable of eternal truth of love in human being. The red color symbolizes the red blood. Below the question mark symbol three points are there, that has also carry the important philosophy. Love exists in past, necessary in present and will be essential in future. In this way, the three points represented the essential of love and existence in the time period of three ages.

Lovism has three mantras:- Truth, love and happiness.

Several critics, historians and modernists have declared it "the most beautiful building of the century"

Heavenly/Nirvana Path

Similarly religions in their own way have described the mystery of human being before birth and after death. Since, what looks similar meaning of the explanation of all is that this universal physical life is not the end. After the end of that life, the existence of life will still remains and it has its own determination. Means, to make physical body work, soul is the essence that can't be destruct whose determination is to go to heaven. Even all the people don't accept the soul and heaven by words but we find that they have believed on journey of physical life after ending.

In this way even the meaning of belief in God and mystery after life is same but human society has been divided into different divisions. Divinity doesn't create the religion, neither by any great person. Organizer and Patron saint from different religions like Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Mohammad, Mahavir, Guru Nanak haven't teach fundamentality. They always teach about truth, love and kindness. But the human beings gain precious knowledge through them had especially surrounded in capturing under religion via making it as a private. In this way after dividing the knowledge, the truth itself has also divided. In this situation, society is always getting into war and quarrel that can't be unnatural. According to the results in early days great wars take place, in the present wars occur and in future also war will come about.

Likewise in troublesome age Heavenly/Nirvana Path has arisen. This path was start from Nepal through the Philosopher or Chief mover Supreme Master Godangel who was from Nepal only. Heavenly/Nirvana is a spiritual way to heaven and a spiritual is the way of consciousness that is directly related to reality. Spiritual is also referring to understand universe. Nirvana is the destination of all spiritual. Nirvana path is neither a religion nor a private association. Even sun cannot be made private though it is just a part of heaven. It belongs to all human kind. Likewise HP also belongs to everyone. Everyone is equal in this path. No one is big or small.It is the alternative way to bring world human equality, peace and salvation depended on the truth.

Several critics, historians and modernists have declared it "the most beautiful building of the century"

The mysteries before and after human births are explained by many religions in their own terms. However, the conclusion of all religions in defining death and lives are that the mortal life of human being is not final or end, but somehow some form of existence remains with its own motion, direction and destination. There is an immortal element of human life that controls mortal body whose destination is the paradise. Even though soul and paradise are not realized by in words? Everyone seems to have accepted the journey after the end of physical life.
Even though, the conclusion for the mystery of faith in God and life after death is same, human societies are divided in the names of religion. God didn’t create any religion neither great human. No great individuals like Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Mohammad, Mahabir, Guru Nanak taught religious extremism of their beliefs or ideologies. They only taught about love, compassion, and truth. Unfortunately, some myopic and selfish sects of people unfortunately made their ideologies and knowledge the property of a community. Eventually, after knowledge and ideology resulted in communal conflicts and war? Thus, truth ended in becoming the communal. Therefore it’s not unnatural that the world is in the grip of war and violence because of it. Consequently, the mankind had to suffer from many wars in the past. It’s still suffering and will have to suffer in the future too.
In such critical state of the world, Heavenly Path has been conceptualized. Originating in Nepal, the founder of this ideology and visionary Guru is Supreme Master Godangel who is also from Nepal. Heavenly Path is up in the scene by making the crystals of good and positive aspects inherent in all other religions. Heavenly Path has redefined the faith and belief of people towards God and liberated the world from the blind faith and belief. God is the architect of all creations and king of the Heaven. He is all powerful, omnipresent, and omniscient, and endless sources of love and justice.
He is beyond the realm of our limited understanding, knowledge, imagination, soul and thought. In the mystery, even the faithlessness of atheists is the result of this vast realm the God dwells in because the explanation of infinity can’t be limited by little understanding. In short, Heavenly Path ideology has been able to explain it. According to Supreme Master Godangel, there are two facets of heavenly Path- materialistic and spiritual. The materialistic side is linked with all the materials or physical needs of humans while the spiritual parts are linked to the soul and spirit of human beings. Heavenly Path is defined as “Sworgik Marg” in Nepali. As the name explains itself, Heavenly Path is the road to the heaven. As the Supreme Master Godangel Said, ultimate destination of our soul is the heaven. However, HP never attempts to mislead people by showing the temptations of heaven and terrorize by creating the images of hell to people. The Supreme Master says, “Heaven is possible from only freedom, not from prison.”
It’s not any religion in any light. Neither it has any attachment or closeness to a particular religion nor does it have contradiction. It’s not either preparing any base for any religion. It’s simply putting forward its principles and ideas by standing above all other religions by its service and libebarilism. It always encourages people to find the truth and apply it in practical lives. Nishui is the holy book of Heavenly Path. Its ideology or philosophy is loaded with spiritualism; it doesn’t only focuses on it, but also advances the materialistic aspects.
There are three dimensions of Heavenly Path- God, Lovism, and Life. Among these three, God is already mentioned earlier. Lovism is completely new philosophy in the histories of religious or spiritual philosophies. It has redefined love in the spiritual light and flavor as very abstract and emotional matter of human life. In a sense, lovism is the fusion of wisdom and compassion. In the human society, as the most innovative philosophy achievement, it is defined ideal love as the magnets in the relationship between God, human and nature. Besides it, Heavenly Path holds its own philosophy related to human lives like science, education, health, business, politics, culture etc and other aspects. Thus, because Heavenly Path is concerned in all aspects of human life and societies, sometimes people get confused about if Heavenly Path is misleading people? As the supreme Master explains that to a tree to be healthy, it’s not sufficient to have healthy leaves and branches only, whole tree should be healthy. From this angle of view, Heavenly Path’s interest and concern in all dimentions of the society is the need of the age because more or less reform and change are essential in today’s age.
Because Heavenly Path has invented timely and friendly philosophy, Heavenly Path has already been able to find the organizational expansion. With an objective to expand its philosophy in the scientific way, it has established its sister organization and branches. Its all units are receiving Supreme Master’s guidance and direction. Members are working with dedication, responsibility, honesty and integrity as directed by the Guruhajur. They are gurus declared according to hierarchy, full timer Sayang and Sayangmi etc.
Heavenly Path is established as the platform to encompass all different principles, philosophies and communities. In fact, it is the highway in which other roads of different ideologies merge with it. Each person is succeed at reaching his or her goal through Heavenly Path’s principle. When the destination is achieved, all the dividing lines are lost. It’s the road of liberation. And Heavenly Path is the road of roads. Because the philosophy of Heavenly Path is the crystallization of all other religions Heavenly Path can not be contested and proved wrong. HP is the solid fort of truth. Heavenly Path is the ultimate solution to the human unity, peace and enlightenment in the basis of truth. Let’s not delay to study and apply this Heavenly Path philosophy. Sewangmi!

विभिन्न धर्म, दर्शन, संस्कार, ज्ञान, र बिचारधाराहरुले बिभाजीत मानिसहरुलाई एकताको सुत्रमा उनेर बिस्वमा समानता, भ्रातृत्व, र शान्ति स्थापना गर्ने उदेश्यले स्थापीत हेवेन्ली पाथको आफ्नो छुट्टै दर्शन भएकाले धर्म जस्तो देखिए पनि यो कुनै धर्म होइन, केवल स्वर्ग माने मार्ग हो जुन कुरा यसको नामाकरणबाटै प्रष्ट हुन्छ l अध्यात्मप्रति प्रशस्त झुकाव राख्दा राख्दै पनि यो विशुद्ध अध्यात्मिक संस्था पनि होइन l यसले सामाजिक एवं राष्ट्रिय अन्तराष्ट्रिय बिषयहरुमा पनि यथेष्ट चासो देखाउछ तर यो कुनै सरकारी वा गैरसरकारी संघ-संस्था पनि होइन l केहि दुर्बोध्य लाग्ने पृथक आयाम बोकेको हेवेन्ली पाथ वास्तवमा आजको जटिल युगको आवश्यकता पुरा गर्ने सरल मार्ग हो l हेवेन्ली पाथ विश्वका सम्पूर्ण दर्शनहरुको सार हुनाले यो सबै मानिसहरुको सांझा मार्ग हो l यसभित्र धार्मिक र आध्यात्मिक दर्शनको समीकरण मात्रै छैन भौतिक दर्शनलाई पनि उचित ठाउँ दिइएको छ l एक पकछिय दर्शनले मानिसहरुलाई एकीकृत गराउन नसक्ने हुनाले हेवेन्ली पाथ सर्वोत्तम मार्गका रुपमा अगाडी आएको छ l एउटा इश्वरलाई ब्रम्हाण्डको श्रिष्टिकर्ता मानु र परम् प्रधान परमेश्वर अथवा परम् प्रभुको रुपमा पूजा-आराधना गर्नु हेवेन्ली पाथको दर्शनको बिशेषता हो l मुर्तिपूजा, प्राकृतिक थोकहरु जस्तै नदि, खोला, सुर्य, चन्द्र, तारा आदिको पूजा जस्ता कार्यहरुलाई यस दर्शनले भ्रम मात्र ठान्दछ l हेवेन्ली पाथले पुनार्जन्ममाथी बिस्वास राख्दैन l मानिसको आत्मा, राजा र रंक, महिला, पुरुष, अपांगको आत्मा समान हुने भएकोले यसले सबै मानबहरुलाई एकै ठान्दछ l हेवेन्ली पाथको दर्शनको स्रोत पवित्र ग्रन्थ "निशुई" हो l हेवेन्ली पाथका यात्रीहरुले प्रचलनमा ल्याएका इयान्सेनहरु पनि निशुईद्वारा नै निर्दिष्ट छन् र ति तर्कसंगत एवं सत्यमा आधारित पनि छन् l यसबाट मानिसहरुको आस्था र बिश्वास प्रत्यक्ष रुपमा इश्वरमाथि पर्ने निश्चित छ l मानिसहरुलाई जटिल दर्शनको भुमरीमा हुत्याएर अलमलमा राखनुभन्दा सरल रुपमा इश्वरको परिचय गराउनु हेवेन्ली पाथको दर्शनको विशिष्टता हो l यसभित्र अनावश्यक कर्मकाण्ड र गलत संस्कारहरुलाई स्थान दिइएको छैन बरु समाजलाई फल्न-फुल्न सहयोग गर्ने दर्शनलाई प्रकाशमा ल्याईएको छ l हेवेन्ली पाथले आत्मसात गरेको ईयान्सेन, सायाँग्मी लगायतका दर्शन्हरुले व्यक्ति एवं समाजको चेतनालाई उदार, बिस्तिर्ण र युगसापेक्ष तुल्याउन महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका खेल्न सक्छ l

हेवेन्ली पाथ सबै किसिमका बीभेधरुको अन्त्य चाहन्छ l जातजाति, रंग, वर्ग, लिंग, सम्प्रदाय, धर्म, संस्कार, विचारधारा, आदिका आधारमा विश्वका मानिसहरु विभाजित भएकै कारण विश्वमा द्वन्द, हिँसा र बिश्रीन्खलता बढ्दो छ l यो दुरावस्थाको अन्त्यका लागि उपायहरु पनि नखोजीएका होइनन l तर जे-जस्ता उपायहरु अपनाइए, ति आफैमा अपूर्ण सावित भए l कतिपय उपायहरु त स्वयम थप विभेदको कारणसमेत बन्न पुगे l यहि पक्षलाई द्रिस्टिगत गरि हेवेन्ली पाथले "प्रेमवाद" को रुपमा एउटा सर्वसम्मत तथा युगानुकुल दर्शनलाई आघि सारेको छ l यस दर्शनले विद्धमान सबै खाले विभेद, बैरभाव र तनावको समूल अन्त्य प्रेमबाटनै हुनसक्छ भन्ने मान्यता राख्छ l मानव हितकारी युगानुकूल दर्शनलाई अघि सारेको कारण हेवेन्ली पाथले विभिन्न देशमा यथोचित बिस्तार पाइसकेको छ l दर्शनलाई व्यवस्थित रूपमा बिस्तार गर्ने उदेश्यले हेवेन्ली पाथका विभिन्न भ्रात्रि संघ-संगठनहरु खडा भएका छन् l विश्व शान्तिको स्थापना गर्ने र मृत्युपछि मुक्ति प्राप्त गर्ने सांझा लक्ष्यका साथ् क्रियाशील हेवेन्ली पाथका सबै निकायहरुले सुप्रिम मास्टर गडएन्जलज्युको प्रेमपुर्ण अभिभावकत्व र निर्देशन पाएका छन् l यस पाठमा यात्रा गर्ने यात्रीहरु परम् गुरुहज़ुरकै सदिच्छा अनुसार हृदयमा इमान्दारी, मस्तिस्कमा समझदारी र काँधमा जिम्मेवारीका साथ् आ-आफ्ना कार्य छेत्रमा खटिएका छन् l यसरि खटिने यात्रीहरु विभिन्न तहका गुरुज्यूहरु, होल्कार्यकर्ताहरु, सायांग, सायान्ग्मी, सेयिंग, आदि पर्दछन l

हेवेन्ली पाथले आफूलाई सबै प्रकारका बिचार, दर्शन, सम्प्रदायलाई अटाउन सक्ने मार्गको रूपमा उभ्याएको छ l वास्तवमा यो सम्पूर्ण दार्शनिक एवं बैचारिक मार्गहरु मिसिने फराकिलो राजमार्ग हो l यस मार्गबाट यात्रा गर्ने हरेक व्यक्तिले आफ्नो लक्ष्यसम्म पुग्न समर्थ हुन्छ l यहाँ आइपुगेपछि सबै प्रकारका विभाजक रेखाहरु मेटिनछन् l एक अर्थमा यो स्वयममा समाधानको बाटो हो, किनभने यो बाटोहरुको बाटो हो l यसले आत्मसात गरेको दर्शन विभिन्न दर्शनहरुको सार हुनाले हेवेन्ली पाथलाई कुनै पनि किसिमको तर्कका आधारमा गलत सावित गर्न सकिन्न l यो सत्यको अभेघ किल्ला हो l सत्यताको आधारमा विश्व मानव एकता, शान्ति र मोक्ष्यका लागि हेवेन्ली पाथ अन्तिम विकल्प हो l यस दर्शनको अध्ययन र ग्रहणमा सबैको भलाइ देखिन्छ l
सेवांग्मी !!!

heavenlypath image


•  May your ears listen to the grief of proverty
•  May your eyes see the sorrow of all beings.
•  May your lips make others smile.
•  May you never tire giving with kindness.
•  May compassion dwell in your soul
•  May the light of love be lit in every footprint.
•  May love shine in the worn clothes.
•  May they be warmed who are feeling cold.
•  May the the world be such that.

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-Supreme Master Godangel

AaMaSha Healing

Aamasha Healing is an alternative healing science developed by Heavenly Path. It’s the acronym for Soul, heart and body of an individual in Nepali word. In this healing method, soul, heart and body are treated simultaneously. It’s the believed that when a person is sick, his mind and soul are also sick. Healing or treatment should be aimed in curing the illness in soul or heart. It’s invented by our Supreme Master Godangel. According to him, even though there are about twenty similar alternative healing methods, they have many limitations. So Aamasha Healing was developed. It has been the binding thread for the reform and unity among the people in the world. The unity mean not only for world religious reform but also used in practical light for well being of human being envisioned by the Supreme Master Godangel.

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“No other healings are powerful than blessings of God for our health."

-Supreme Master Godangel


•  Nishuee is there for recreating you or giving
  you a new birth in the form of an innocent
  child who has innate potentiality of revealing
  the realm of utmost reality in which life is
 always in harmony. Revealing this truth
  means bringing this lifeto kingdom of utmost
  unbroken joy, harmony and peace.
•  There are the sacred sounds and can
  be used anytime and at any point as deemed
 appropriate during the reciting of
  this particular Nishuee.
•  Nishuee is the door to the Innermost Silence.
•  While Nishuee is the Sun for sentient beings
  on earth, It is the central of the Universe for
  the living beings on all inhabited planets
  of thewhole Universe.
•  Nishuee belongs to non-but to all.
•  Nishuee is the conclusion bridge of all
  spiritual phenomenons to the Almighty God.
•  God is not an accident but veins of the
  continuum flow of the Universe.
•  Nishuee is The answer to the Utmost mystery

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•  सुनोस् आवाज कानले दिनदुःखीहरुको
•  देखोस् शुध्द आँखाले भित्रिय दुःखभाव सबको
•  ओँठले सधैं अरुलाई हँसाओस्
•  दायाँ हातमा दया अनि बायाँ हातले दान गर्न नाथाकोस्
•  करुणाभाव भिजोस् यो छातीमा
•  प्रेमको दियो बलोस् हरेक पाइला-पाइलामा
•  लाएको लुगामा नि प्रेम चम्कोस्
•  चिसोले भिजेकाहरुलाई न्यानो मिलोस्
•  जीवन नै सारा यस्तो होस्
•  अरुको सेवामा मर्न सकोस् ।

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"प्रेमको भावनाले नै संसारलाई अति सुन्दर बगैंचाको रुपमा निर्माण गर्न सकिन्छ"

-सुप्रिम मास्टर गडएन्जल |

सेवाङमी! जय प्रभू! जय गुरु! जय जय प्रेम!!!


धन सम्पती सुन चांदी जहाँ छ त्यही रहन्छ,
गोठमा बाधेको गाई भैसी भेडा बाख्रा त्यही रहन्छ,
आफ़्नो प्यारो श्रीमती पनि घरको संघार सम्म
मात्र आउछिन,
मलामी मुर्दाघाट सम्म,
हाम्रो प्रार्थिव शरिर चिता सम्म,
हामीले जीवनमा गरेका राम्रा नराम्रा कर्मको फ़ल
मात्र लिएर जान्छौ !!



स्वर्गिक मार्गको दर्शन(सुप्रीम मास्टर गड एन्जेल)  | The phylosophy of Heavenlypath by Supreme Master God Angel (Watch the VIDEO here !)